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Simply Money

Outbound Remittance

One can send money overseas to your loved ones in 17 different currencies through SWIFT. SWIFT transfer is one of the safest and most convenient ways to send money. Your money will reach within 72 hours of your instructions anywhere in the world. To send Outward Remittance you have to just walk into our branch to fill up the required documentation.

You can easily send money through SWIFT for various needs like make a gift remittance to a relative, make payments abroad, pay your medical fees, remit your university fees, make donations etc.

Forex Rates

  •   Currency Buy Rate Sell Rate
  • 223 USD 62.20 66.90
  • 31 GBP 78.30 84.20
  • 195 EUR 67.00 71.80
  • 13 AUD 46.10 52.70