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RBI Guidelines

RBI Guide Lines (updated as per Master Circular dated 01.07.2011)

*This is only a brief extract and for details kindly refer to above Master Circular and Amendments, if any, thereto in RBI website –

Full Fledged Money Changers can undertake

  • Purchase – from Residents / Non- Residents
  • Sales to Residents for Private Travel and Business Travel
Bringing in and taking out of Foreign Exchange

  • Foreign Exchange can be brought into India without limit;
  • Declaration in form CDF necessary if the Amount > USD 10, 000 (FC notes + TCs) and / or FC notes exceed USD 5000;
  • Taking out Foreign Exchange other than that obtained from AD/AMC prohibited;
  • Non- residents can take out Foreign Exchange up to the amount originally brought in;
Purchases of Foreign Currency from Public /Foreign Nationals

  • Facility to avail INR against International Credit Cards by foreign tourists
  • Encashment Certificate to be issued in all cases of Encashments;
  • No limit for encashment is prescribed, if declared on the Currency Declaration Form (CDF) on arrival to the customs authorities.
  • No declaration in CDF is required for Foreign Currency with aggregate value upto US 5000 or equivalent;
  • No declaration in CDF is required for FC + TC with aggregate value upto US 10000 or equivalent;
  • For purchase of foreign currency notes and/ or Travellers' Cheques from customers for any amount less than Rs. 50, 000/-, or its equivalent, copies of identification documents not required. However, details of the identification document to be furnished by the customer/ to be kept on record by the AMC;
  • For purchase of foreign currency notes and/ or Travellers' Cheques from customers for any amount equal to or in excess of Rs.50, 000/-, or its equivalent, documents, as mentioned at (F-Part-II) annexed to the A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No.17 {A.P. (FL/RL Series) Circular No.4} dated November 27, 2009, should be verified and copies retained.
  • Permissible limit for cash payments against encashment:Permissible limit for cash payments against encashment:
    • Foreign Nationals up to -- US $ 3000
    • Residents up to -- US $ 1000
  • All other cases of encashments, payment to be made by way of Account Payee Cheque or demand draft only.
  • Payment to be made only by Cheque / DD, if purchases are from other FFMC/AD's;
Sale of foreign exchange Private Visits / Business Visits

  • Sale against application, identification documents and declaration regarding Foreign Exchange availed during the financial year;
  • Private visit- up to USD 10, 000 per financial year.
  • Business visit-up to USD 25, 000 per trip for Business / Conference / Training etc.
  • TC issue subject to conditions of TC issuing company;
  • Traveler to sign on the TC in the presence of Authorized official of AMC;
  • Payment in excess of Rs.50, 000 to be received by Cheque / DD;
  • Foreign Currency Notes up to USD 3000 and balance in TC's/Travel cards;
  • Exemptions - Travelers visiting
  • Libya & Iraq up to US $ 5000
  • Islamic Republic of Iran, Russian Federation and commonwealth of Independence States – Entire exchange to be released in FC notes;
Sales against Reconversion of Indian Currency

  • Non-residents are allowed to reconvert unspent INR at the time of their departure subject to production of a valid Encashment Certificate;
  • Non-residents are allowed to reconvert INR up to Rs.10, 000 without a valid Encashment Certificate, for bonafide reasons, if departure is scheduled to take place within the following seven days.
  • Facility for reconversion of Indian Rupees to the extent of Rs. 50, 000/- to foreign tourists (not NRIs) against ATM Receipts, are allowed subject to submission of the following documents:
  • Valid Passport and VISA
  • Ticket confirmed for departure within 7 days
  • Original ATM slip (to be verified with the original debit/ credit card).

Forex Rates

  •   Currency Buy Rate Sell Rate
  • 223 USD 62.20 66.90
  • 31 GBP 78.30 84.20
  • 195 EUR 67.00 71.80
  • 13 AUD 46.10 52.70